Feature Design


golf course fairways design golf course fairways design
The fairway comprises the majority of the area on each hole and therefore the view from the tee is dominated by the fairway stretching in front of the golfer. Contoured cutting patterns can be adjusted to develop various levels of challenge, playability and beauty. The shape of the fairway is often dictated by mounds, trees, bunkers and water.

Slopes in the fairway affect playability, shot values, drainage and maintenance. Contours can direct shots into preferred locations or toward hazards and the rough. Slopes in landing areas can significantly affect subsequent shots by creating uphill, downhill or sidehill lies.

Drainage is required on fairways to ensure acceptable playing conditions. Slopes are used to prevent the occurrence of standing water and remove it from the fairway. To minimize the distance surface water must travel across the fairway, a combination of catch basins and piping is used to transfer the excess away from playing areas.