Feature Design

Practice facilities

golf course practice facilities design golf course putting green design
Areas where all parts of the game can be practised include a driving range, short game space, chipping area and putting green. Locating these features near the clubhouse and first tee will increase their use. They should be designed to reflect the playability and conditions found on the golf course. Contours and speed on the putting green, depth and quality of bunker sand, varieties of grass and general appearance should all be compatible with those on the course.

Width and depth of the driving range tee will depend on the requirements of the golf club. Grass tees must be large enough to permit sufficient rotation of the playing area. To avoid fencing, the length and width of the range must accommodate all long and errant shots. Trees or mounding around the outside of the fairway can decrease the dimensions. Target greens within the range are beneficial for the golfer’s learning experience.

A short game space is valuable for practising short to mid irons. A formal tee or green is appropriate but not necessary for this area to be a useful addition to the course. Golfers can use their own golf balls, and it is an excellent area for beginners to learn the game. It is not as essential to have this space in close proximity to the clubhouse.

The thoughtful design of a chipping area will provide golfers with many shot options in a safe environment. Consisting of a green, bunkers, collar, fairway, rough and mounding, all shots experienced around the greens on the course can be duplicated. Correct positioning of the various components will allow maximum use for the most golfers.

The putting green should be the largest on the golf course as it receives the most play. Although the contours should resemble those on the other greens, they should not be extreme, as the main function of the putting green is to practise the stroke and speed. Putting is normally the golfer’s final tune-up before playing, so the green should be near the first tee.