Feature Design


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Tees have a very specific function, which is to provide the golfer with a level, firm stance where play on each hole begins. Usually four decks are located so as each level of golfer has the appropriate challenge. Spacing between decks will vary depending on the length of the hole and the land forms at the tee site, but is generally 25 – 30m.

The desired size of the tees is calculated for each deck and overall for each hole. A minimum width of 10m permits the efficient use of triplex mowers. The deck with the most use is designed to be the largest. The total area follows the formula 15m2/1000 rounds/year. Shapes vary from free form to rectangular depending on the desired aesthetic appeal.

Elevated tees provide unhindered visibility of the fairway landing area. The height of each deck is set in relation to the adjoining cart path to minimize the walk-up to the tee surface. Gentle sideslopes permit walking without steps, and maintenance with larger equipment.

Drainage on the tee decks is provided by surface slope and subsurface piping. A 1% slope from front to back removes excess water without affecting the golfer’s stance. In wetter climates, drainpipe is necessary on the deck surfaces and at the base of surrounding slopes.

To encourage walking, tees need to be placed in close proximity to the previous green. Safety can be maintained by locating tees a minimum of 40m from the green. Elevation changes between green and tee can also be minimized with creative design.